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About Pope Kyrillos VI



Born Lazarus (St. Pope Kyrillos) on August 2, 1912 from Christian parents. His father was a deacon spends his spare time teaching and writing tunes hagiography. He loved the church and he was spending long hours in his room praying, and reading the Bible. It was usually the whole family every year, spent one week in the town of Lapierre during the celebration of the Feast of Saint Mar Mina.


When he was 25 years old Lazarus quit his job and joined the monastery Baramus. The name was changed to the brother Mina was loved by all the monks to his care and help for the monks and elderly patients.


On July 18, 1931 Drawing brother Mina monk   On behalf of Mina, but he loved the life of the unit therefore decided that the recluse living in a cave, about 3 km from the monastery. He attends every Saturday to the monastery to attend Tasbeha On Sunday morning to attend the Divine Liturgy and addresses of the sacraments. It was many   Visit Father Mina, a request for prayer sand blessing. God gave him the grace to work miracles of healing and solving a lot of problems.


Sign up to a group of fans of the monk and the patron Saint Mina Mina, a large monastery on the name of the martyr Saint Mina area in ancient Egypt and was a popular destination for both asked a blessing was a great saint and a residence for overseas students who came to study outside of Cairo.


After the departure of the Patriarch Anba Yousab 115, a monk named Mina with another group of monks to conduct structural lottery to choose one of them for the Patriarchate. On April 19, 1959 monk named Mina and cathedral bells rang, and on this occasion I attended masses to celebrate the choice of God.   On May 10, 1959 was the inauguration of the Good Shepherd monk Mina and changed his name to Pope Cyril VI.


As he became Pope, Patriarch has not changed a thing in terms of the lifting of incense and praying at night and morning prayers and Mass daily   As usual before becoming patriarch. He said about Pope Shenouda III, "The history of the church has no record of a person prayed Masses such as Pope Cyril who prayed about 12 000 Mass and this has not happened before in the history of the popes of Alexandria, or the world. Was marvelous in his prayers he trusted that God is able to solve all problems.   And he believes that the only way to resolve problems   Masses and prayers is not by human efforts.


" In the life of Pope Cyril looked great spiritual change among the people. Thousands of people were attending Masses and prayers which was hosted by the day asking for his blessing and prayers.   Pope paternity and see them and his love and his care and Raith them by God.   Spiritual care is not limited only to the Orthodox people of Egypt, but got sponsorship to all over the world. The Coptic Church began service in Kuwait, Canada, America and Australia.


And crowned the reign of Pope Cyril appear spiritual saint, the Virgin Mary Church is olives, which was not repeated in any time and place. The announcement was the Heavenly first of its kind since the Holy Spirit on the disciples at Pentecost. The appearance was repeated night after night and saw thousands of people   Christians and non-Christians alike. Miracles were time appearances, which brought many to refer to the right as well as the change of many.


The day culminated in God Prelature Pope Cyril VI return of the body of the Holy See of Saint Mark, Venice in Italy to Egypt. It is now laid new Abbasia and built by Pope Kyrillos and is the largest cathedral in the Middle East.


Of the great achievements in the reign of Pope Cyril VI building Martyr Mar Mina Monastery wonderous  Marriott near Alexandria. God helped him build this monastery to beloved saint and Mina wonderous which intercession of miracles and solved many problems intractable.


Pope departed on March 9, 1971, and sat him in a chair at the old cathedral of St. Mark in his clothes and white crown on his head and nearly a million people came to lay down their recent outlook on them loving father and beloved of them.   Today, the body found in the Holy Monastery of Saint Mina next to the beloved saint.


Dozens of books were written to record the miracles and apparitions of st. Pope Cyril VI of the many amazing before and after his departure in the inside and outside Egypt with the Copts and others.


Pond great saint Pope Cyril VI and the intercession of the great martyr beloved Mina Mar wonderous be with all of us. Amen.




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